16 Days of Action

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women & day 1 of 16 days of action against gender violence.

A day to contemplate a hugely concerning fact; girls & women are still disproportionately at risk of violence from intimate partners and also of FGM, so-called honour crimes and sexual violence.

In the UK, on average 2 women a week die from violence inflicted by a partner or ex partner. That is a horrifying number and something that should be causing national outrage.  Men also experience domestic abuse and it’s important that this is tackled.  In addition, we need to pay particular attention to why women experience partner violence at such high rates and why for so many women it results in fatal violence.  This pattern is seen reflected across countries and cultures.

It is also important to remember that in many countries women do not have the autonomy, power or rights to give voice to their experiences.  In some countries or communities, violence against women is legitimised.  Today is therefore also about remembering the importance of campaigning for women across the world.

Over the next 16 days I will attempt to blog about 16 different ideas for enhancing your practice in response to violence against women.  To follow the 16 blogs, please find me on Linked In.

And today I want to highlight the work of the IDVAs.  A large proportion of my training responsibilities is training IDVAs and other domestic abuse workers. But what do IDVAs do? In this blog, Ceri talks about her role supporting high risk victims of abuse and it’s well worth a read.  How about making your action today to find out more about what IDVAs do?

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