Co- trainers


Alexis Wright                                                           Alice Hunt                                              Jenny Almond


Alexis Wright

Alexis specialises in delivering training on specific forms of domestic abuse and sexual violence within certain communities, including forced marriage, so-called Honour based abuse and FGM.  She runs a charity called Njenni Enterprise that works in Sierra Leone with local partners to end FGM, Forced Marriage and teenage pregnancy.  During the Ebola crisis the charity supported local communities by providing sanitary materials and teaching effective hygiene and cleanliness methods.  They also raised awareness about the impact FGM can have on hygiene and health.

The charity recently secured funding to deliver tailored training to voluntary organisation that work with BME communities on FGM and cultural diversity.

For six years Alexis worked as an equality and diversity specialist for the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equality and Human Rights Commission for the South East region with a focus on domestic abuse services for minority women and equality monitoring and compliance.

She currently works for the British Red Cross as the women’s refugee service co-ordinator supporting vulnerable women through the asylum process and is also studying for her MA in Dynamics of Domestic Abuse at Worcester University.


Alice Hunt

Alice is a qualified Probation Officer and Counsellor. She was employed by the Probation Service delivering accredited programmes for a variety of adult offenders specialising in sex offender and domestic abuse treatment. Alice worked for 7 years for the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, a child protection charity dedicated to the prevention of sexual abuse. She specialised in treatment of young people who harm sexually, providing assessment, intervention and training in this area.

Alice has also worked for SafeLives (CAADA) as a Regional Development Officer for the Young People’s Programme which involved supporting front line workers in creating and implementing a regional development plan addressing the response to teenage interpersonal abuse, sexual exploitation, ‘honour’ based violence and gang related issues.

In 2015 Alice spent 6 months volunteering in Malawi with girls and women with HIV. She currently works as a freelance trainer, counsellor and consultant, providing services for a variety of organisations. She works as a specialist clinician working with young people who have harmful sexual behaviour, with adults who have offended on the internet, providing impact counselling for prison staff and as an Associate for Research in Practice and SafeLives.


Dr Jenny Almond

Jenny trained as a Paediatric Doctor and has produced work on gender differences in depression. During her medical career Jenny saw first-hand the stark consequences of domestic abuse to children and young people. She worked for several months in a specialist clinic for young people with eating disorders and as a result of her work was awarded the national Gwynneth Cottrell Prize.

Jenny has worked in the field of domestic abuse for 7 years. She was based for several years in a domestic abuse project as a group work lead; co-writing and delivering group work for young women affected by domestic abuse. Jenny is an experienced Pattern Changing facilitator and has championed the programme in Children’s Centre settings. She currently works in Children’s Centres across mid Devon and is engaged on a course in Psychoanalytic observational studies through the Tavistock Clinic, London.