Cascade Training


Teen Relationship Training

Teen Relationship Training (one day) provides you with a tried and tested lesson plan for delivering lessons or workshops with young people 14 and above on the topic of abusive relationships.  Based on a short film, the resources included provide an endless number of follow on sessions, should you wish to work more in-depth with your groups.  The course also includes training on understanding domestic abuse in young people’s relationships.


Young people & risk cascade training

This two day train the trainer course is aimed at professionals who have experience of training and who hold responsibility in their organisation for skilling up other members of staff.  It is ideal for those that work in sectors such as youth sector, domestic abuse services, education, police, health, housing, YOT and other arenas in which contact with young people experiencing domestic abuse is likely.  Delegates are provided with session plans and materials for rolling out their own training/workshops or for providing the key messages to staff through other routes.


Domestic abuse cascade training

This two day train the trainer course is will equip you to roll out quality training on understanding domestic abuse.  As well as providing you with materials and a session plan, we will also explore the common challenges and how to overcome them.


Risk & MARAC cascade training

This two day train the trainer course equips you to roll out risk and MARAC training, by giving you in-depth understanding of risk assessment tools including the SafeLives and ACPO DASH RIC, and also the risk assessment process.  On the course you’ll be given guidance on the resources available to support your training and what local research will help you deliver excellent, practical training.


Pattern Changing facilitation training

A comprehensive three day training course for professionals who would like to facilitate group work with female survivors of domestic abuse.  Pattern Changing is a 14 week group programme for women who’ve experienced abusive relationships. It is an educational programme with a support group element, emphasising that we all have rights.  Women are taught how to assert and protect those rights. It helps women spot indicators of people, particularly new partners, who ignore their rights, who assert control and who may go on to be a risk to them and their children. Pattern Changing aims to help women recover from an abusive relationship. It is particularly beneficial for women who’ve had more than one abusive partner and/or experienced childhood difficulties.  In 2004 ADVA, Devon’s domestic abuse forum, evaluated Pattern Changing.  You can access that report online or by emailing me.

“Inspiring! I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I look forward to delivering it in the future” – course participant

“One of the best training events I have attended. I felt valued, included and really enjoyed the days” – course participant