Domestic abuse training; awareness, risk & MARAC training for all professionals

 It happens here too: LGBT domestic abuse training

A one day course exploring the additional issues and risks that professionals need to consider when responding to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered victims of domestic abuse.


Understanding domestic abuse dynamics

A highly interactive and engaging one day course which helps delegates understand how abusive relationships develop, why it is difficult for people to leave abusive relationships and what the risks posed to them are.  This training course will help you challenge your preconceptions and consider how you can adapt your practice to better engage your clients who are at risk in their relationship.  This course can be run simultaneously with my risk and MARAC training course, for comprehensive domestic abuse training.


Risk & MARAC (incl. utilising CAADA/SafeLives DASH RIC)

An interactive and practical one day course for those who have previously undertaken training in domestic abuse dynamics.  This course examines how to undertake risk assessment in a sensitive and appropriate manner and how this links to MARAC.  We will also look at support and safety options.


Exploring & tackling perpetrator behaviour.

This one day training course examines current perspectives on people who perpetrate abuse and coercive control in relationships.  The course also looks at approaches to assessing cases which involve dual allegations.


Proactive equality: engaging harder to reach victims of domestic abuse

Aimed at domestic abuse workers, community safety partnerships, police and other agencies who are interested in reducing domestic abuse in marginalised communities.  The one day course considers some of the issues when engaging with elderly clients, young people, those at risk of ‘Honour’ crimes, LGBT people, those with disabilities and those without recourse to public funds.


So-called Honour Based Violence and Forced Marriage

Raising awareness of the dynamics of HBV and FM with a focus on quick and appropriate responses to those at risk. One day.


Working with male victims of domestic abuse.

Explores how to support male victims appropriately.  This one day course is particularly useful for services who have traditionally supported female victims only.