Information for Commissioners


Why commission training?

Commissioning training (rather than paying for delegates to attend open courses) benefits you in several ways. As the course is being provided exclusively for you and your delegates, I will work closely with you to shape the content and your key messages. This means that training can reflect your local processes or policies, for example explaining to delegates what their local MARAC referral processes are.

Commissioning training is also a lot cheaper than paying for the same number of delegates to book onto open courses.

It also allows you to receive copies of the feedback and/or commission a report into the effectiveness of the training.


What is the process?

To begin with I’ll contact you for a discussion about your requirements. I may suggest some options that you may want to think about. I can follow up this discussion with a written proposal which would outline the costings. Following this we can work together to make any changes you’d like and these can be followed up in writing for your records. Once you would like to proceed I will send you a booking form and an invoice. Training can commence after the invoice has been paid.  To allow time for this process, I would suggest that you contact me 2-3 months in advance of the training commencing. It may be possible to deliver training at shorter notice, contact me to discuss this.


What will it cost?

The cost of training depends on several factors; the development time, the length of training and expenses.   The development time will depend upon the amount of work needed to tailor a course to your needs. Expenses will vary depend on the amount and distance of travel, whether an overnight stay is required etc. For this reason it isn’t possible to give a fixed rate.

To enable me to give you an accurate indication of the fee as soon as possible, it would help to know how many people you would like to include in the training, the training location, and whether training will need to happen within the next 4 weeks, as well as the usual content discussion.

You can reduce costs by agreeing to provide the venue, a projector and flipchart stand, the refreshments, and by doing the printing. This usually works out cheaper for commissioners compared to the charges I’d need to make to cover couriering to the training address. Full details of what has and has not been included in the fee will be in your project proposal document.


Previous clients

I have worked with a range of large and small organisations.  I am always happy to share the feedback I have received from previous training if requested.  Previous clients include;

  • Action for Children
  • Barnardos
  • Devon County Council
  • Devon & Cornwall police force
  • Devon Community Safety Partnerships
  • East to West (charity)
  • Devon & Cornwall Fire Service
  • Health Visitors & Midwife teams
  • Housing associations
  • Intercom (LGBT)
  • LGBT Consortium
  • PCSOs
  • Nightstop (charity)
  • Njenni Enterprise
  • Plymouth Domestic Abuse Service
  • Research in Practice
  • SafeLives
  • School Nurses
  • Somerset County Council
  • States of Guernsey
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers and teaching assistants
  • University of Exeter LGBT forum
  • University of Glamorgan
  • Victim Support
  • YOT teams
  • Youth workers
  • Other voluntary organisations and charities